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A Final Closure
I've always looked at love
As a physical glow that I have
That makes me warm when it's cold
And shields me from stress and sadness.
After my happiest moments with you
I looked in the mirror and my skin was bright red.
I used to think that it was the glow itself
Now, today, as hurt as I've been
I look at the same mirror,
And I'm totally convinced that it is.
It's hard when love has that kind of grip on you.
Being here now writing what may be
My last poem for you ever
-the last of a long series-
I feel a completeness in something
Though I can't pinpoint whether it's good or bad,
But simply a completeness that was bound to come.
It's like our love was like pouring water
From one glass to another.
As I poured mine into yours mine became empty
Until you ultimately poured it all back
While I wasn't looking.
So now it seems as if I'm forced
To take this full glass of love,
Pour it all out onto the table
And take solace in knowing
That as it drips off the edges
Someone will catch it before it hits the floor.
Kevin B. Pierce